Top 50 Roasters of 2023

We gathered a panel to rank the Top 50 Specialty Coffee Roasters in the world in 2023.

1. Tim Wendelboe

Oslo, Norway

Not much needs to be said about the roaster taking #1 on our list. Tim Wendelboe’s roastery in Oslo has been top of the roasting game for many years now and is a household name for most in the coffee industry. What we find so astounding about Tim’s company is the consistency on every level, from their well trained Barista staff to their roasting and buying practices, nobody has systems and consistency like Tim Wendelboe. They say you’re only as good as your worst batch of coffee, so here's to the one who rarely roasts a bad batch *cheers*

Morgon is actually relatively new compared to many companies on this list, which makes it even more incredible they make it to the #2 spot. While this company may only be 5 years old, the team of three (Markus, Gabriella, and Christian) have been in the game for many years. We love not only the quality of their coffee, but how kind and genuine they are and how easy they are to work with. We featured Gabriella on our podcast a couple years back, and the humility she speaks and carries herself with, along with the other owners, is one of the main reasons their company has made it to where they are today.

3. Calendar

Galway, Ireland

We fell in love with Calendar at first… taste. Beyond their incredible roasting, they have implemented wonderful sustainable practices into their business, and at a very young age at that. Yes, they were on our panel, but trust me, we had them in our top 3 as well ;)

4. Koppi

Helsingborg, Sweden

If you look at pretty much all the roasters that have made the top 10, they are incredibly consistent from year to year with buying from the same farmers-and this is something that we love to see for the growth of the coffee industry. We’re not sure that anyone values this more than Koppi. Koppi is one of the more seasoned roasters to make this top 10 list. We love the coffee they buy year in year out, and we love the relationships they build with their partner farmers.

5. Passenger Coffee

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

#5 on the list, but #1 in the US! Passenger is one of the most unique roasters on this list. Their portfolio is huge at all times, and they can do this because of their green storage methods. All of Passenger’s coffee is kept in freezer storage, allowing them to completely prevent the coffee from aging, and allowing them to provide an amazing selection to their wholesale partners. On top of this their practices as a B Corp certified company and their notoriously light yet developed roast approach sets them apart from their US companions.

6. Sey Coffee

Brooklyn, New York, USA

Sey Coffee sources some of our favorite coffees-typically washed, very complex, and uber transparent. If you like a coffee, get it while you can, because of their quickly rotating menu, it’s not uncommon for their coffees to be sold out within a couple of weeks. This is great as a wholesale partner, as you’re always able to provide new stuff to your customers.

7. Weekenders Coffee

Kyoto, Japan

Our absolute favorite roaster in Japan. We’ve never had a bad coffee from Weekenders, and we don’t expect to. Maybe one of the lesser known roasters to make a top 10 appearance, Weekenders doesn’t have a huge presence in the US, but the top 10 spot is well deserved.

8. La Cabra

Copenhagen, Denmark

La Cabra is booming. With Cafes in their home country Denmark, as well as one in the US (and another on its way), and two in Thailand, La Cabra’s presence has spread, and not in small contribution to their spectacular coffee sourcing and roasting.

9. Coffee Collective

Copenhagen, Denmark

Possibly the most well known roaster in Western Europe, Coffee Collective has established themselves as a household name, and rightfully so. They’re often thought of as an early company and contributor to the specialty coffee movement, one focused on sustainability and transparency, and they continue that to this day. A top 50 list not featuring these guys probably could be discarded, so we’re glad to see them in our top 10.

10. Heart Coffee Roasters

Portland, Oregon, USA

One of our favorite roasters yet to make it inside of a Roastful Box. Founded in 2012 Heart has put out some of the best coffee since we began drinking coffee, and is often thought as one of the best US coffee roasters.

The Full Top 50 List (A-Z)


Dublin, Ireland


Surry Hills, Australia


Berlin, Germany


Galway, Ireland

Carrier Roasting

Northfield, Vermont, USA

Coffee Collective

Copenhagen, Denmark

Coffee County

Kurume, Japan


Johannesburg, South Africa

Five Elephant

Berlin, Germany


Turku, Finland

Girls Who Grind

Warminster, UK

Heart Coffee Roasters

Portland, Oregon, USA


Charlotte, North Carolina, USA


North Canaan, Connecticut, USA


Gothenburg, Sweden


Trondheim, Norway


Paris, France


Helsingborg, Sweden

La Cabra

Copenhagen, Denmark

Little Wolf

Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA

Manhattan Coffee Roasters

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Market Lane

Melbourne, Australia


Brussels, Belgium


Barcelona, Spain

Onyx Coffee Lab

Rogers, Arkansas, USA

Passenger Coffee

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA


Cleveland, Ohio, USA


Copenhagen, Denmark

Proud Mary

Melbourne, Australia

Round Hill Roastery

Somerset, UK

Sey Coffee

Brooklyn, New York, USA

Small Batch

Melbourne, Australia

Square Mile Coffee Roasters

London, UK


Oslo, Norway


Portland, Maine, USA

The Barn

Berlin, Germany

Tim Wendelboe

Oslo, Norway


Troy, New York, USA


Duluth, Minnesota, USA

Weekenders Coffee

Kyoto, Japan

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Meet The Panel

Bow Smith

Founder, Rowan Coffee

Calendar Coffee

Team at Calendar Coffee

Masahiro Kaneko

Founder, Weekenders Coffee

Zack Stamey

Co-Founder, Roastful