November 2020: Comparison between varieties

The included photo portrays the size difference between the Pacamara variety (left) and a more standard-size variety (SL28,SL34, right).

Interesting side note: While Pacamara is a cultivated hybrid created by the Salvadoran Institute of Coffee Research, Maracaturra is a hybrid that is assumed by many to have occurred naturally in the wild. 

Pacamara’s creation is partly due to its parent’s (Maragogype) tall stature causing issues in high wind environments. Morphologically, Pacas has a short, compact stature, and so the breeding of the two varieties made for a Hannah Montanna “Best of both worlds” situation; transferring an exceptional cup quality, similar to Maragogype, and passing along the shorter stature from Pacas.

Gilberto Baraona

Gilberto consistently produced some of Zack’s favorite coffees from El Salvador. While we may recognize Gilberto by his product, he was far more than his farming and entrepreneurial occupations; his absence will be felt across our industry. We are glad to share some of his last crop with you all.

Thank you, Gilberto Baraona.
-Zack, Julia, and Zhon.

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